Software Developer

Web Development, Full stack, Devops

Hello! and welcome, I am a web developer living and working in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Software is my hobby, web development is my job and web security is my passion.



For the last 4 years I have been honing my frontend skills building websites and UIs using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I am comfortable using JavaScript frameworks as well as working on an app from scratch.


I have experience building server-side applications with Node.js, Python, and PHP. These projects included creating a user authentication/authorization service, image editing, logging and general REST API services. In my spare time I like using Go to build tools and services for side projects.


For over a year I have been using Amazon Web Services extensively as I managed the infrastructure of multiple brands. I have set up and monitored logging, converted manually created infrastructure to code and created command line tools to assist developers in day-to-day tasks.



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